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Welcome to the S.Chen Lab!

We are a neuroscience research laboratory, at the University of Ottawa, focusing on motor learning and the neural circuitry responsible for this learning. By gaining a better understanding of the basic molecular mechanisms underlying motor learning, we hope to enhance the development of therapeutic strategies that counter the neural circuit dysfunctions underlying brain disorders.

Recent Lab News


The lab received a 5-year CIHR Project Grant!!!


Congratulations to Simon in renewing his Canada Research Chair!


Our recent NN paper was awarded 'uOttawa Faculty of Medicine - Best Publication of the Year' ! Also congratulations to Xuming on receiving the 'Best Postdoctoral Award in the Neuroscience Program'! 


Welcome new postdoc Sandrine Cote in the lab, and congratulations on receiving the FRQS Postdoctoral Fellowship!


Congratulations to Pablo on receiving the CIHR CGS MSc Scholarship!


Congratulations to Candice on receiving the OGS Scholarship again this year. Also to Ricky on receiving the NSERC-USRA and Bryan on the WiBR/TST Award to work in the lab this summer! 


Congratulations to Xuming on publishing his paper in Nature Neuroscience!! This is the first paper of the lab and sets a great president for everyone going forward.


Congratulations to Nate on passing his MSc Defense!! Nate is our first lab member to graduate!


Congratulations to Candice on publishing a review article in Frontiers in Neural Circuits. Go check it out!


Congratulations to Candice on receiving the Ontario Graduate Student Scholarship, keep up the great work!

Recent Lab News


The Lab received second 5-year CIHR Grant!!!


Congratulations to Nima on receiving the best 'Oral Presentation" and Xuming on the best 'PDF Poster' awards at the Brain Health Research Day!


Congratulations to Sandrine on starting her position as Assistant Professor at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières!!


Candice and Sandrine's work on cell-type specific rabies tracing in M1 is now published in Frontiers in Neural Circuits!!


Congratulations to Candice on receiving the 'Best PhD Award' from the Neuroscience Program' and Pablo on receiving the 'Best MSc Award' from the Faculty of Medicine!!


Congratulations to Candice, our first PhD graduate from the lab :-)


Our recent work on the cell-type specific role of NPAS4 in motor learning is published in Neuron!!!  Great work by Jungwoo, Pablo, and Xuming!!


Congratulations to Pablo on passing his MSc Defense!! 


Congratulations to Xuming on receiving a fellowship from Transforming Autism Care Consortium and Nate on receiving a pre-doctoral fellowship from Autism Speaks!!!


Congratulations to Nate on receiving IBRO travel award to CAN, Candice on receiving FENS/IBRO travel award to FENS, and Xuming on winning the Top 3 CIHR Brain Star Award!!!


Candice's PhD work is published in eLife!


The lab has received a 5-year CIHR Project Grant!!!


Congratulations to Simon on renewing his Canada Research Chair!

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